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The goal of the Integrative Dermatology Symposium is to improve patient care with regards to dermatology. The event will include educational sessions, clinical content, targeted industry trends, practical takeaways, and best practices related to all aspects of skin care. Attendees will include dermatologists, family practice physicians, pediatricians, internists, osteopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors, physician assistants, nurses, acupuncturists, and Ayurveda practitioners.


The abstract review committee is interested in a variety of abstracts on topics pertaining to the pathophysiology, evaluation, and treatment of skin disease or skin health related topics. The Committee will accept methodological research on the development and assessment of research methods that attempt to bridge research gaps pertaining to conventional and alternative medicine. Submissions may relate to a broad range of topics pertaining to dermatology. To share your medical research or clinical vignettes, submit an abstract by June 1, 2019.