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Integrative Dermatology Symposium in Sacramento

Join us in Sacramento for the country’s first annual Integrative Dermatology Symposium! Experts from around the world in the practices of Western, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine will come together for this dermatology conference.


Sacramento, CA – October 19th-21st, 2018 – Dermveda, a local Sacramento Startup, is hosting an Integrative Dermatology Symposium in Sacramento on October 19th-21st for 250 attendees to earn continuing medical education credits focused on the integrative approaches to dermatology. The event will be held at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento (Downtown).


Registrants will have the opportunity to earn 15 Continuing Medical Education credits through this event with sessions on topics ranging from integrative approaches to prebiotics and probiotics in dermatology. Attendees will include dermatologists, family practice physicians, pediatricians, internists, osteopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors, physician assistants, nurses, acupuncturists, and Ayurveda practitioners.


The Integrative Dermatology Symposium will bring together thought leaders across the world from Europe to Hawaii. Integrative medicine focuses on understanding the role of unconventional therapies in treating conditions. Interest in the field has been growing with National Institutes of Health (NIH) studies suggesting that 70% of individuals look at complementary and alternative approaches. This event highlights the pinnacle of understanding and collaboration in dermatology with the intent to improve the patient experience. The event will include educational sessions, clinical content, targeted industry trends, practical takeaways, and best practices related to all aspects of skin care.


Dermveda has partnered with the University of California, Davis, California Northstate University College of Medicine, and California State University, Sacramento to host the Integrative Dermatology Symposium. This event is supported Pfizer, Microbiome Labs, Sanofi Genzyme Regeneron, Janssen, Burt’s Bees, Incyte, Celgene, and Kamedis.


Registration can be completed online at integrativedermatologysymposium.com/register/. Abstracts for poster presentations are accepted through August 31st, 2018 and can be submitted online at integrativedermatologysymposium.com/education/call-for-posters/.


About Dermveda:

Dermveda is an integrative skin care education company based in Sacramento, CA. We have spent years carefully building a one-of-a-kind team to bring you the best information written, vetted, and peer-reviewed by leading experts in medicine and cosmetics. We personalize your skin care with integrative medicine.