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Integrative Dermatology Symposium

Featured Speaker

Chandra Bredel,


At age 16, geek4beauty founder Chandra Bredel began her journey in the beauty industry. It took less than a moment and she knew this was the start of something pivotal!

As an apprentice makeup artist working with drag stars and performers in the Manhattan cabaret scene, life was about covering up and enhancing “the look” vs. proper skincare to achieve the ultimate natural beauty. Hours of makeup application became the literal foundation of her knowledge – seeing the result of endless layers of stage makeup without proper skincare was the edge that she needed to propel and further her interest in the world of beauty – specifically the science of skin and ultimately skincare!

Within the multi-channeled beauty industry and its’ every changing landscape, Chandra knew that education was her guiding principle and the key to her future success. Esthetics to her was not just an art, it was an art of science and skin. She continued her studies with the wellness movement and was one of the pioneers evangelizing the concept of blending eastern and western methodologies in the treatment room for ultimate results.

Over the next 30 years, Bredel studied science and skincare formulation while honing her esthetic skills in the treatment room with some of the most sought after dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons – a dynamic career in the beauty industry was in the making. Today she is an accomplished esthetician, international esthetic educator, published author, product development consultant and connoisseur of all things beauty – from ingredients and formulation to final product- she is known as an the Esty’s best friend and the Geek4Beauty in the social circles.

Chandra Bredel, LE CASBI