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integrative esthetician track iet 2022
Maria Mas, ND

Maria Mas



Recordings will be available October 14, 2022 on LearnSkin

The morning of IET kicked off with an energizing breathwork session with Dr. Apple Bodemer on the terrace at the Loews Ventana Canyon resort. The views of the mountains and natural scenery made for the perfect environment during this relaxing session. After breakfast, Hari Behl, PhD, reviewed the different components of formulating skincare products and the science behind various botanical ingredients during his session on cosmetic chemistry. Next up, Millicent Russo, LE LEI CLT LSO, gave us an informative history lesson and discussion on the development and science of nano-infusion, micro channeling, and microneedling technologies. She provided an excellent review of the anatomy of the skin for us to visualize how deep each of these technologies reaches the different layers of the skin.

Diving deeper into the gut-skin connection, Jennifer Fugo, MS CNS LDN, discussed the impact of diet on skin health and highlighted the importance of staying within the scope of practice when educating clients on dietary topics. Right before lunch, we heard more about the skin’s microbiome from Dr. Raja Sivamani, MD MS AP, and how skincare ingredients, such as botanical oils, can shift the microbial composition of a client’s skin.

Throughout the day, fellow estheticians expanded their product knowledge on various products and skin care companies that were exhibiting during the breaks. There were plenty of opportunities for everyone to engage with a like-minded community, interact, and win our incredible grand prizes!

integrative esthetician track iet 2022
integrative esthetician track IET 2022
integrative esthetician track iet 2022

After lunch, Cathy Favelle, LE E-RYT, got us up and moving during her interactive session on self-care strategies for practitioners. Her energy radiated the room as she got us moving with “Confident” by Demi Lovato playing at the start of her session, followed by an esthetician-themed self-compassion poem. She shared several stretching and rollerball exercises that fellow estheticians can implement in their daily practice to support their wellbeing in between seeing clients. Next up, Sandra Chiu, Lac MSTCM, gave us a detailed background on the trendy self-care practice of Gua Sha. She highlighted the importance of sticking to traditional techniques and theories while staying within the scope of practice. She shared her experiences on how estheticians and TCM practitioners can collaborate to provide outstanding client results. The final IET session was a panel-based discussion full of perspectives on skincare ingredients with Dr. Raja Sivamani, Aliesh Pierce, LE, Dr. Hari Behl, and Dr. Cassandra Quave. Everyone shared their thoughts on various botanicals and skincare ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, bakuchiol, turmeric, calendula, and more. Overall, the IET was a fun-filled event packed with tons of practical information that estheticians can directly apply to their practice.

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