integrative dermatology symposium
Integrative Dermatology & Esthetics


Working together to advance the continuum of care

Improving Health Care Through Collaboration

Part of an integrative medical approach incorporates partnering with diverse healthcare professionals to provide the best patient care possible. LearnSkin models this tenant by partnering with various organizations, combining skills and resources to meet community needs and improve population health.

Explore LearnSkin's Integrative Dermatology Symposium and Integrative Estheticians Track's partners specializing in skin disease research and patient advocacy to continue expanding your integrative toolkit.

HS Connect helps advance the education of patients and practitioners on the complex condition of Hidradenitis Suppurativa by providing resources, patient perspectives, and furthering the awareness around HS to help reduce the shame and misinformation commonly associated with the disease.

The Coalition of Skin Diseases is the largest consortium of skin disease patient advocacy groups in the United States. They’re at the forefront of progress and help foster education and awareness, advocate for access to appropriate care and treatments, contribute to skin disease research, and strengthen dermatology patient advocacy organizations.

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