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Atopic Dermatitis

Winter Wellness Resources to Help Dry and Itchy Skin - Atopic Dermatitis
The changing seasons are filled with joy for people enjoying nourishing foods and activities with family and friends. For others, however, the cold weather can usher in a season of painful, itchy flare-ups of atopic dermatitis and dry, itchy skin. Luckily, we have a collection of articles and resources for practitioners to consider when developing their approach to treating the skin during cold weather.
Integrative medicine is patient-focused, combining evidence-based therapies—alternative and conventional Western—to provide safe, effective health care for patients. While this may take a while to adopt, LearnSkin brings all healthcare professionals accessible resources to add to their toolkits, helping create lasting results.

Do you have patients suffering from dry or itchy skin?

For many Atopic Dermatitis sufferers, the winter is a time of discomfort. This black tea compress is a helpful addition to a patient’s treatment regime, especially if they are looking for a more natural approach with a low risk of side effects.

Enjoy something warm and nourishing with these Turmeric Milk and Turmeric Tea recipes. Turmeric is used worldwide as a natural remedy for various ailments. It is being explored in Western medicine research for new uses, helping to provide a better understanding of this powerful natural medicine’s abilities. Help nourish the body this winter by providing a healthy and tasty seasonal treat to you and your patients.

Atopic Dermatitis affects millions of patients around the world annually. This “toolbox” includes a combination of therapies from different traditions, including botanicals, acupuncture, phototherapy, and other findings helping healthcare professionals create a more robust approach for treating more complex AD patients.

Many factors can cause itch for people with eczema, especially temperature changes and dry weather. Check out this LearnSkin article on ways to help your patients fight the irritation this season. A treatment plan incorporating multiple approaches is the most effective way to combat eczema.
Dry, flaky skin can be a physically and emotionally painful burden. Cold winter weather often exacerbates symptoms, so consider seven safe ingredients to incorporate into your treatment plans.

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