What Is Integrative Esthetics?


Integrative Esthetics - integrative esthetician track

Integrative Esthetics is the practice of combining the standard and conventional approach in esthetics with various complementary modalities. Since this field is relatively new, the experts at LearnSkin created an educational event introducing estheticians to modalities not typically covered in esthetics school. At the Integrative Esthetician Track, hosted alongside the annual IDS, estheticians will learn new concepts from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Naturopathy.

Download the PDF below to learn more about integrative esthetics and how to incorporate holistic practices that offer a framework to better customize treatment protocols to suit your client’s needs and empower them to live their best and balanced lives.

Expand Beyond Conventional Esthetics

As clients seek a more whole-body and preventative approach to skin concerns like aging, acne control, and hyperpigmentation, integrative approaches will help estheticians address clients more completely.
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