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Hands-On Facial Massage

Facial massage enhances product effectiveness, has mental and physical benefits, plus it provides stress reduction and comfort to clients. This is your virtual guide on how to perform and integrate the proper techniques of a professional facial massage.

Skingredient: Nicotinamide

Skingredient nicotamide

Nicotinamide (also known as niacinamide) is a form of vitamin B3 and is typically used by dermatologists as a dietary supplement. However, nicotinamide is a versatile vitamin widely used as an ingredient in topical skincare products.

Skingredient: R for Retinol and Renewed Skin

Skingredient: R for Retinol and Renewed Skin

Retinol is a vitamin and ingredient commonly used in many skin care regimens and products available over the counter. Here, we delve into the science and the studies behind retinol and what you should know about using retinol in your skincare routine.

See the Difference Made by Vitamin C

See the Difference Made by Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also one of the skin’s naturally occurring antioxidants. Unfortunately, our skin’s vitamin C content decreases with age, sun exposure, and pollution, which is why we need to add it back into our diets and skin care routines.

Diversifying your Business with Services for Men

diversifying business with services for Men - Working with male clients

Do you consider opening your books to the male population and find yourself overwhelmed with concern, racing thoughts, and ultimately deciding to leave that money up for the taking? For those that offer the advanced modalities in their treatment room, this is the perfect time to show men they can get fast service with no downtime and put their best face forward for upcoming executive meetings or that hot date next Saturday.

An Overview of the Microbiome for Estheticians

Overview of the microbiome for estheticians

The microbiome is an important community of microbes found in many areas of the body, such as the gut and the skin. When the gut or the skin microbiome shifts out of balance, this can set up the body for skin inflammation. While foods, botanicals, and supplements can help shift the microbiome, the esthetician’s role is to introduce topical ingredients to help bring skin back into balance.

What Is Integrative Esthetics?

Integrative Esthetics - integrative esthetician track

As clients seek a more whole-body and preventative approach to skin concerns like aging, acne control, and hyperpigmentation, integrative approaches will help estheticians address clients more completely.

Dermatologists & Estheticians: What’s The Difference?

dermatologist & esthetician

While dermatologists and estheticians have a similar focus on improving the skin’s health, their approaches will differ. Together, they create a team of professionals you can count on to improve your skin beauty, wellness, and health.