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Best practices for working with male clients


diversifying business with services for Men - Working with male clients

The salon and spa industry has long been an oasis for female clients. Everything from design concepts, ingredient choices, and aromatic experiences were made to entice the working mother, lead female entrepreneur, and trendy boss babe to schedule an appointment to escape their busy lives. That is now a thing of the past. With inclusion and diversity being the top draw to businesses across every genre, including the salon and spa industry, today’s male client is more than the occasional husband, boyfriend, or gay best friend.

Over the past ten years, we have seen a dramatic increase in salon and spa businesses finding subtle yet effective ways to include men in their marketing. However, we have also seen complete companies dedicated to solely servicing the male clientele.

Are you looking at this exciting opportunity as a fleeting moment of the trend?

Do you consider opening your books to the male population and find yourself overwhelmed with concern, racing thoughts, and ultimately deciding to leave that money up for the taking?

We must be willing to serve our whole community in today’s market. If you’re a waxing expert, offering Manscaping is a no-brainer. Men will help increase your business revenue and fill those empty appointment slots. Facial Specialists can create a menu removing targeted services and open up more customized services that exclude gender-specific themes. For those that offer the advanced modalities in their treatment room, this is the perfect time to show men they can get fast service with no downtime and put their best face forward for upcoming executive meetings or that hot date next Saturday.

Before updating your menu and redesigning your business, we must consider some essential items to create a company that is diverse in marketing and inviting to all members of our community.

Several trend-setting businesses have used terms and branding catered to a specific demographic. Still, we want to ensure we are not using words that may cause discrimination claims or negative emotional experiences before they ever meet you.


Creating a robust business and demonstrating your expert skills means being flexible in learning new skills, overcoming client challenges, and providing superior solutions every chance you get. As the men continue to find new service providers and we work together as an industry to offer more answers, I look forward to seeing how you creatively create a business focused on inclusion and building your community.

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